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Content Development & Copy Writing

Of all the elements of web design, when it comes to having an efficient and all around valuable website, content development is of the utmost importance. It is also the greatest responsibility of the website owner. Fortunately, by the time you’ve decided that you have a message, product, or service that everyone just has to have, 80% of the battle is won. Unfortunately, simply taking a picture of your great idea and putting it up on the web with a www._.com attached just isn’t going to get you the success you want.

You have to write copy for your website ». You have to tell your story. What is it about your product or service that sets you apart from everything else that’s swirling around the web? There are plenty of choices on the internet. People want to know what extra value you’re going to bring to them and their lives. They want to know why they would choose what you have to offer over what everybody else has to offer. The thing is, it needs to be obvious. You have to ‘keep it simple stupid’ », without making your audience feel stupid, and if you can, make it a little fun while you’re at it.

At Blink New Media, our copy writers do much more than check your spelling and grammar; after all, any computer can do that for you. First and foremost, quality content is a matter of knowing how to talk about your product. Secondly, it helps even more if you know how to talk to the people that are interested; you need to know your audience. Our copywriters will meet with you in person to learn the finer details of your story and product. We will help to identify your unique specialties and talents. Most importantly, aside from writing a bulk of the content, we will help you establish key words » that will appeal to your target audience. Not only does quality content help your audience relate with you, it also helps them find you. This is known as search engine optimization ».

The truth is, the difference between good and bad content defines the margin of success and failure on the web. Great layout and design will never compensate for poor content. The common web user is too smart for that. Quality content, on the other hand, has proven that it can succeed with the littlest concern for presentation, take Craig’s List » for example. Quality content always offers something of value, and value delivers success.

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