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What’s Under the Hood?: A Word to the Wise

There are many ways of coding a web site. Some include programs that will ‘build a web site for you’. Be cautious with these programs because they use a structure and implement ‘bloat code’ » that will make your web site inaccessible for individuals that use other tools like screen readers », or even the greater population of people that use handheld devices » like cellphones to surf the web. Additionally, this bloat code is a ‘pollutant’ that will greatly lower your search engine ranking. Old and outdated methods » of coding are also culprits in the world of code bloat; you may need to upgrade your existing web site to assure optimum performance.

The W3C Code Validator » is an empowering tool for web site owners. Use it as tool to check the quality of your web site and the service your web designer is providing.

Please visit the web sites below to learn more about Web Standards & Accessibility:

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