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Web Applications

Web Applications, or ‘Web Apps’, are powerful tools that are the real backbone of the world wide web. In essence, they are the functional tools that get things done on the web. Web apps enhance user interactivity that typically yields some form of measurable or observable result, like uploading a picture to a website or conducting a monetary transaction. The beauty of a web application is that it lives on the web rather than your computer. Web applications are not pieces of software that need to be installed on an individual computer, but instead are housed on a server that can be accessed by tens, thousands, or millions of computer users. Common web applications include webmail, online retail sales, social networking sites, blogs, wikis and numerous other functions.

Internet & Intranet

The public use of web apps among different organizations is essentially the web of connections that we call the internet. Web apps can also be used strictly within a single business; this is known as an intranet. Intranets provide cross functionality among numerous computers within an organization in much the same way a website connects computers around the world. Contact management systems, inventory management, bookkeeping systems, project management, and collaborative tools are just a few examples of common intranet functionality.

Custom Web Applications

Today, more and more business are demanding custom web apps to meet the particular demands of their business model and work flow. Certain products and services simply don’t fit in the most generic of boxes, and therefore require tailor made interfaces and databases to streamline their unique needs. With the advent of handheld devices and touch screen interactivity, a growing number of business owners are recognizing the convenience and ease of use available to the most common web user. You no longer have to sit at a desk or be a computer geek to surf the worldwide web. Web applications provide new avenues for businesses to reach their audiences, and simpler ways to conduct business. At Blink New Media we can make any web application to increase the efficiency of your business, improve access to your client base, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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