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The Design Process: Scope of Project and Quote

Establishing the ‘scope of the project’ is essential to providing you the best results for the least investment. The more we understand up front, the clearer we can be on the terms and market value of the project. This means the larger the project, the more planning it will take. The scope of a small project may be fully understood by the end of the initial meeting, whereas larger projects may require additional meetings that would result in an additional consultation fee. Once the scope of the project is clearly established we will provide an itemized quote, with a strategic plan as well as timelines for development of the website.

Contributing factors that determine the scope of the project and timeline:

  • print materials are typically generated faster than developing a web site
  • are you seeking a new web site or a rebuild/upgrade?
  • what functionality will your web site provide the end user or customer?
  • content development & branding: how developed is your business and identity?
website design background image