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The Design Process: What You Must Provide

You, as a skilled professional and website owner must provide content for your website. Quality content begins with a product or service that is of value to the market place. But, content on the web is much more than your product; content is the wrapping that promotes the appeal of your product. Content educates the public about the true value inherent in a product or service, and the people behind it. How do you educate people? You tell them, and you show them what you have to offer. This simply means you use words and pictures to get your point across, but, most importantly, you want to use words and pictures that appeal to your audience.

Perhaps you are early in the life-cycle of your business, and you haven’t yet established a clear identity or brand. Providing quality content simply means that you as a business person must know your value and be able to tell your story. There are plenty of copy writers, photographers, illustrators and designers who will be happy to wrap it up and put a bow on it for you, but without your knowledge and investment you’ll just end up with an empty box, and perhaps an expensive one at that.

website design background image