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Search Engine Optimization

So you have a website? The real question is, can your audience find you? Of course you want to take measures to let your client base and associates know you have a website by promoting it through all of your marketing efforts, from your business cards, to brochures and even as far as radio and television advertisements. But, the beauty of the internet is that your audience can also come looking for you by simply typing a few key words into Google, Yahoo, Bing and numerous other search engines. The trick is to make it as easy as possible for your audience to find you when they come looking for you. The ‘holy grail’ of all website owners is the question, ‘how can I become number one on google?’ The short answer is that you must find a skilled web developer who can help you establish an SEO strategy.

The long answer is that SEO is more of an art form than a science. Establishing a solid page rank is like aiming an arrow at a moving target. SEO requires thorough knowledge of your target audience, and their preferences and tendencies, so that you can anticipate the keywords they would most likely enter into a search field. When there are millions of business owners all seeking to be number one on Google it is also imperative as a business owner that you really know your service and product and what it is that sets you apart from your competition. With this in mind, becoming number on Google is a tall order, but it is definitely worth the effort to at least fall somewhere on the first page. If you don’t fall within that small range, your web audience has likely found someone else to satisfy their need. This is when search engine optimization becomes an essential part of your web marketing strategies.

To keep it simple, there are three essential elements to establishing and maintaining a solid search engine optimization campaign:

Clean and effective code.

Informative and detailed text content.

Establishing a rich link network with other informative websites within your field.

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